Title: The Stitching

Author: Brian Fatah Steele

Author websitehttp://brianfatahsteele.com/

(disclaimer: the author is my amazing boyfriend, but I tried to read this novella critically and without bias. disclaimer 2: i love things about faeries, as evidenced by this old website I put up in 1998)

The StitchingThe Stitching by Brian Fatah Steele

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Starting out in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world, Anna and Luke are unaware that they are no longer in the world they went to sleep in. They only know that now they are alone. Completelely until they find each other and join together on this unknown quest. The novella is a quest narrative, complete with a threshold, helpers, and challenges along the way. The twist is, Anna and Luke, as well as the reader, are not sure what the ultimate goal is. Once they find out they’re “not in Kansas anymore,” so to speak, the goal is ostensibly to “get home,” but it quickly becomes more complicated than that. Cinematic in its scope, the narrative moves along with a driving force that keeps the reader turning pages until the end. Steele creates characters with depth. Even the characters who are not on page long are whole and complete characters, and it is not hard to distinguish between them. The reader becomes especially attached to the main characters, Luke and Anna, who are complex, with their own strengths, weaknesses, habits, and neuroses. Steele’s writing is vivid and engaging. The images are visceral and original. Especially if you are into fantasy books, I highly recommend reading this novella.

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