Recent Submissions Update

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I have been bitten, once again, by the submissions bug. I’m on a kick sending out my work for consideration for publication in litmags. Most recently, I have submitted to the American Poetry Review/ Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize, Rattle, and Ecotone this past week.

My updated submissions tracker


I also keep a running list of places I want to submit to when their submission periods are open. It includes the dates of open submission, instructions for submitting, and possible poems to submit to each zine.



To MFA or Not to MFA, That is the Question

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Questions many published writers often receive are regarding the value of an MFA and if it is worth pursuing. For me, the decision to go after this degree was based on the following factors:

  1. Validation of the writing practice- Oftentimes writers feel like we need to justify the time spent on writing. Taking time out to pursue an MFA mean that writing is more than a past time, it is a valid vocation. You have to write for the assignments so it takes away some of the guilt we feel when we fall prey to the view that writing is frivolous or not as important as other pursuits.
  2. Training in the discipline of writing- Pursuing an MFA prepares you to put the time in to your writing. It helped me learn to keep writing a regular practice in my daily life.
  3. Time and Space to Write- The environment of an MFA program provided me with a community of writers who all respected the act of writing and were a built-in support system. One of the biggest values of the workshop is that we’re all in it together. You may not agree with all the comments provided to you, but everyone can agree that writing is worth pursuing.
  4. Proof of dedication to writing- I quit a well-paying job with great job security and guaranteed advancement. Why? Because I am a writer, and I was ready to step out in faith that writing was my vocation, no matter how much money I would make at it. My cv now shows my dedication to writing with degrees in writing, memberships in organizations that value writing, and my publications. (A future post will regard the importance of pursuing publication, even if you receive more rejections that acceptances, and you will).