I am first and foremost a writer. However, when I was a child I considered myself first and foremost an artist. I had humongous sketch pads, I learned to use water colors and indian ink. Art was one of my favorite classes until in seventh grade I received bad marks because my lines weren’t parallel when we had to draw a city scene. I learned that I wasn’t good at visual art so I moved away from it. As I get older, and begin to care less about what people think, I have been returning to the things I found joy in as a child. I am learning skateboarding now because I wanted to as a child, and I am returning more and more to visual art. My main projects right now in the area of visual art blend the different mediums in which I work. I have been making mixed media collages with images I cut out of magazines, overlaid with lines of my own poetry done in calligraphy. Here are some samples of what I have been working on.

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